Resistor tell us the story of “First World Problems”, his debut album

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“You don’t measure up to the expectation

When you’re unemployed, there’s no vacation

No one cares, no one sympathizes

You just stay home and play synthesizers”

– Flight of the Conchords, “Inner City Pressure”


By Resistor


“First world problems” are frustrations that afflict only the privileged. As an educated, white, middle-class male from suburban New Jersey, I’ve always led a comfortable life. With my basic needs fulfilled, like many of my peers I wanted something more; so I searched for meaning through art. But just making art didn’t seem to be enough. I wanted to be a success. And thus arose the particular first world problem that inspired these songs: the desire for recognition, seemingly so attainable in the age of social media, but as elusive as ever.

First World Problems is a classic solo album, driven by a singular creative vision; almost totally electronic and unambiguously pop. Behind new wave synths, hyperactive drum machines, and stacked vocal harmonies, it asks: Why do I crave the spotlight? Do I deserve it? And why should anyone care about what I have to say?

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First World Problems approaches its subjects with self-awareness and dark humor. But while songs like “Vincent van Gogh,” “Narcissist,” and “Choose Your Parents Well” may be tongue-in-cheek, the core of the record is genuine, whether its narrators are pointing fingers at the outside world or taking aim at themselves.

I wrote these songs during a year of unemployment, after several years of releasing material with a band whose profile never equaled my ambitions. My financial and emotional resources were low, and I needed a way to make music quickly and cheaply without depending on anyone. So I started making songs with only a computer and my voice, and Resistor was born.

I’ve dreamed up many different ideas about how I might fulfill my unbecoming desire for fame. Maybe I could go viral with a wacky youtube video; maybe I could become a reality TV contestant; maybe I could die tragically right after recording the perfect song. So far, though, one impulse prevails: I just stay home and play synthesizers.

 *First World Problems”  was recorded in Philadelphia with Jeff Zeigler (War on Drugs, Kurt Vile)*