Dance with a powerful hip hop track: Screw Your Life

Screw Your Life Ft JME & Nicole Jackson (Prod By Shin)

Back to the flow to dance with a powerful hip hop track and say to all people: I’am doing everything I like. What do you have to listen to in a moment like this? The answer is easy: Screw Your Life, single from  J2k ft JME and Nicole Jackson, which is a mix of rap and electronic sound in the company of a catchy choir.

Screw Your Life is part of LLCOOLJ, the most recent  J2k’s ep. This single gets you a rebellious time to shake your body with high energy, a peculiar element that emerges from this rapper who says: ‘I call my sound relative music, because it always relates.’

J2k is from east London. In 2010 opened the Mobo awards with Mark Ronson’s band  as a featured MC and this consequently ended up with J2K becoming a fixture on the Mark Ronson tour, says the soundcloud page of this Britain rapper.  So, you can be wrong to listen to him. Keep moving!

Here you can listen to and follow J2k:  Soundcloud  Twitter 

By Ulises Miguel